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On this page we share all our events for 2020 including competition schedules and results, master-classes, training camps. One can choose the event you like and sign up for it using our contact form.

Соревнования по обязательной программе

Moscow Oblast

2011-2013 гг

7 November 2020 г

Moscow Oblast championship between 2011-2013 age group will take place in Voskerensk on the 7th November.


Athletes will compete in figures of the obligatory program


Championship of Crimea

28-29 November 2020

Crimean championship will be held between the following age groups:
- 8 and under
- 12 and under
- 13-15 years old
- 15-18 years old
Competition will take place in "Evolution" sports center, Evpatoria


Moscow oblast 12 and under

.03 - 06 December 2020

Moscow oblast championship for 12 and under age group will take place in Chekhov from the 3rd until the 6th of December.

Athletes will compete with figures and free routines.

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