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Nasekina synchro school it is:



from 3 till 14 years old



in Russia and abroad



for the competition during the season



of the International and all-Russian level per year

Our advantages

An exclusive system of trainings and checked technologies for for your business. All business tools have been tested in our own synchro schools and have been working for more than 5 years.

Detailed instructions on all aspects of running a school

Ready-made brand book and advertising layouts

Coaching cliniques and certification with Anna Nasekina

Master classes from the world champion and the founder of the school

Joint competition and training camps, official entry form for any international competitions


  1. Nasekina synchro school branding;

  2. Annual coaching and judges clinics and certifications;Joint training camps with the best coaches of the school

  3. Anna Nasekina or other certified coach's clinic during a year with agreed periodicity;

  4. Ongoing expert advice;

  5. Provision of the appropriate literature;

  6. Teaching latest changes in rules of synchronized swimming;

  7. Judging system in synchronized swimming;

  8. Annual training plan for the kids of all age groups;

  9. Training process quality control;

  10. Use School's website and social networks to promote the brand in your city;

  11. Sports' categories assignment;

  12. Judges clinics.

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 Become a part of our team! 

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