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Online school is:


Working on new figures and elements for season 2022-2025


Zoom with a 5-times world champion


Acrobatics and choreography additional lessons


Homework by video
in whats-app

Our online program 18-30 July is dedicated to the preparation for a new season  and new figures and elements that are approved for 2022-2025. It is  perfect for those who want to learn and improve their skills in synchronized swimming. Additional choreography and acrobatic classes will help to develop posture and balance that are necessary for that sport. And whats app chats will always keep you in touch with our coaches. Join fascinating world of online trainings!

Our students are:

Children from 6 years old

Beginners and pro-swimmers. Our online program will be useful for the athlets of different levels

For those who can’t attend trainings but want to improve in synchronized swimming

Online programs

Новые правила

Разберемся с новыми правилами, принципами оценки артистизма, исполнения и сложности


Досконально изучим таблицу  сложности и стоимость элементов. Поймем, что дороже, а что дешевле


Поймем, что такое код и будем вбивать его в таблицу для подсчета результата. Узнаем стоимость программы


Составим тренерскую карточку готовой программы. Проверим верность составления.

What do we need for trainings?

Elastic band


Big towel

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