Olympic center 
 for kids from 5 years old

 Anna Nasekina synchronized swimming school 

Here champions are made!

Why us?

Nasekina synchro school is preparing kids from 5 years old for the selection to professional olympic synchronized swimming school. We teach not only basic skills of one of the most beautiful sports in the world but also give a chance to open the world of the professional competitions

and big achievements! 


free classes

Free classes with one of the best coaches in the world


Selection for the junior and national team

official competition

Officials competition and qualification

medical control

We are looking after health of our athletes using anti-doping policy to secure their improvement


training camps with

Anna Nasekina

Summer training camps and later classes with 5-times world champion Anna Nasekina

"Artek" free voucher contest

International kids center "Artek" voucher contest during "Crimean Hopes" Open competition gives the opportunity to stay in one of the biggest kids' camps for free




    Anna Nasekina

    • 2 times European champion (Budapest 2006)

    • World Cup winner (Yokogama 2006)

    • 3-times world champion (Melbourne 2007)

    • European cup winner (Rome 2008)

    • 2-times world champion (Rome 2009)

    • Olympic team 2008

    • Coaching kids from 2010

    • President of synchronized swimming of Republic of Crimea from 2017