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Nasekina Synchro School was founded by Anna Nasekina a 5-times world champion in synchronized swimming. Anna was born and raised in Moscow, she started her synchronized swimming career at the age of 5 in the famous Olympysky swimming pool in Russia.


Anna's synchronized swimming career started by accident, at the age of 3 as she nearly drowned after falling  into a lake, her parents took her to swimming school and only after a few lessons she improved so quickly that even the coach was shocked. Once she could swim by herself  Anna enjoyed the water so much  that at every opportunity she wanted to be in the swimming pool.  


By the time she reached 23 she was winning one gold medal after another: russian championships, European and world cups, which included Olympics in Bejing 2008. Anna finished her sports career in 2009  winning all gold medals of the world championship in Rome.

Being a coach and passing her knowledge and experience to young athletes , giving them the opportunity to grow as and seeing her students develop  gives Anna great pleasure and fullfilment.   

Federation of Synchronized Swimming of Russia

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